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  • Sarah J. Avatar
    Sarah J.
    4 star rating
    07/06/17 - TripAdvisor

    Fresh and delicious!! Coming from Australia, our kebab shops are pretty bad. Edible... read more

    Sari G. Avatar
    Sari G.
    22/12/19 - Google

    Absolutely amazing food. So fresh, and one of the best... read more

    Tony V. Avatar
    Tony V.
    11/03/19 - Google

    Really tasty lamb sish

  • José L. Avatar
    José L.
    11/03/18 - Google

    Really nice Turkish Restaurant. Good price and by far the... read more

    Minesh R. Avatar
    Minesh R.
    07/03/20 - Google

    Really good quality meat, however it's bring your own booze

    Rodolphe B. Avatar
    Rodolphe B.
    11/03/19 - Google

    Good simple and tasty food with fair prices - rare... read more

  • LaraLeonardi Avatar
    5 star rating
    11/01/16 - TripAdvisor

    Comida deliciosa! Por ser um restaurante próximo de nossa casa, costumamos ir... read more

    Diana D. Avatar
    Diana D.
    5 star rating
    25/09/16 - TripAdvisor

    Excelent food This restaurant became one of mine and my husband favourite... read more

    Sherif F. Avatar
    Sherif F.
    11/08/19 - Google

    What a great place! The best shish and kebab i... read more

  • Sammshine Avatar
    5 star rating
    23/04/15 - TripAdvisor

    Sheeeshhh it's awesome My absolute fav local restaurant whether its to sit down... read more

    Toby H. Avatar
    Toby H.
    5 star rating
    25/11/15 - TripAdvisor

    Some serious Turkish Meze BBQ I have been here several time now and I rate... read more

    Ana C. Avatar
    Ana C.
    11/11/19 - Google

    Maravilhoso kekab

  • Timbuktu 6. Avatar
    Timbuktu 6.
    11/03/19 - Google

    Mouthwatering! Highly recommend the yogurtlu lamm shish.Nice interior, comfy chairs, ?

    Naghmeh R. Avatar
    Naghmeh R.
    11/03/18 - Google

    So I came here based on good reviews. I never... read more

    Mr I. Avatar
    Mr I.
    11/03/19 - Google

    Lovely food. Excellent service. Good price. Recommended to me by... read more

  • Tony F. Avatar
    Tony F.
    5 star rating
    21/07/19 - TripAdvisor

    Best kebab in NW London Had an amazing Chicken Shish wrap from here. The chicken... read more

    Anaelle S. Avatar
    Anaelle S.
    5 star rating
    09/03/17 - TripAdvisor

    Very good Turkish meal ! Staff is really friendly and the place is clean. The... read more

    Ivan C. Avatar
    Ivan C.
    11/03/19 - Google

    Delicious food and good service!

  • StuartMatthew Avatar
    5 star rating
    20/06/19 - TripAdvisor

    Amazing tasty food! Ignore the reviews that don’t give 5 stars to this... read more

    debra c. Avatar
    debra c.
    5 star rating
    10/11/14 - TripAdvisor

    Best kebabs around I have eaten here twice now 1 takeaway and 1... read more

    Francesco D. Avatar
    Francesco D.
    11/03/17 - Google

    Appetitoso. Ottimo per uno spuntino.

  • Sabir Z. Avatar
    Sabir Z.
    11/06/19 - Google


    780j2g Avatar
    5 star rating
    08/12/15 - TripAdvisor

    Fab local This is a great place for meal, either lunch, dinner... read more

    Ewa R. Avatar
    Ewa R.
    11/03/19 - Google

    I've visited Shishlique for the fist time today to celebrate... read more

  • Sharrn *. Avatar
    Sharrn *.
    11/05/19 - Google

    Meat was good but a little dry, the bread was... read more

    Jennifer T. Avatar
    Jennifer T.
    11/03/17 - Google

    Attended on 23.07.16.Really enjoyed the food and the waitress was... read more

    Shervin K. Avatar
    Shervin K.
    11/11/19 - Google

    Very tasty doner kebab and shish kebabs which I would... read more

  • ConnorW666 Avatar
    5 star rating
    03/03/20 - TripAdvisor

    Great food, good service. Great food, good service. Come here often and have never... read more

    Natalia M. Avatar
    Natalia M.
    11/03/17 - Google

    The best kebab in Kensal

    Jo B. Avatar
    Jo B.
    11/03/19 - Google


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