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  • Sofia w. Avatar
    Sofia w.
    11/09/20 - Google

    Enjoyed my lunch here, great tasting food and friendly staff.... read more

    Tony F. Avatar
    Tony F.
    5 star rating
    21/07/19 - TripAdvisor

    Best kebab in NW London Had an amazing Chicken Shish wrap from here. The chicken... read more

    Matt P. Avatar
    Matt P.
    02/07/20 - Google

    Great, authentic food. Highly recommend, friendly staff and amazing value... read more

  • Sidthemanager Avatar
    5 star rating
    26/03/15 - TripAdvisor

    A family favourite Great affordable grub. Downside is no credit/debit cards. ... read more

    Raphael G. Avatar
    Raphael G.
    24/12/20 - Google

    We arrived at this spot for dinner. This restaurant was... read more

    andrew c. Avatar
    andrew c.
    12/03/21 - Google

    Good food and reasonably priced. Let's not forget B.Y.O always... read more

  • Mr. Z. Avatar
    Mr. Z.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Great service and tasty food to match

    Francis Avatar
    21/07/20 - Google

    cheapest flight to Turkey i've ever taken

    Shazia T. Avatar
    Shazia T.
    20/03/20 - Facebook

    Nice resturant delicious food.

  • Luke G. Avatar
    Luke G.
    13/07/20 - Google

    I’ve just had the chicken wrap and it tasted fresh... read more

    Paul S. Avatar
    Paul S.
    16/07/20 - Google

    Not being familiar with this new establishment, it was the... read more

    Kemi O. Avatar
    Kemi O.
    03/07/21 - Google

    I ordered from Shishlique, Clapham Junction and the food was... read more

  • Francesco D. Avatar
    Francesco D.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Appetitoso. Ottimo per uno spuntino.

    Beenu J. Avatar
    Beenu J.
    20/03/20 - Facebook

    Nice food with great family environment!!!

    Noman K. Avatar
    Noman K.
    23/01/20 - Google

    I always goo to this amazing place with family and... read more

  • Sarah H. Avatar
    Sarah H.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Great food.

    Sunstone P. Avatar
    Sunstone P.
    06/08/20 - Google

    Omg the food ( Combo shush and hummus) was amazing,... read more

    Edward D. Avatar
    Edward D.
    27/03/21 - Google

    Easily the best fast food place on Walworth Road, and... read more

  • misterchurst Avatar
    4 star rating
    14/02/15 - TripAdvisor

    Fast BBQ fooD in Kensal Rise. Good value food in a eastern mediterranean style cafe that... read more

    Lucky L. Avatar
    Lucky L.
    01/12/20 - Google

    Very quick with the cooking love it

    Andrew T. Avatar
    Andrew T.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Food is very tasty. New owners are very friendly and... read more

  • SHEIKH A. Avatar
    09/07/20 - Google

    Me nd my husband went there for lunch. The food... read more

    Najeeb K. Avatar
    Najeeb K.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Amazing food and great service. Definitely recommend 🙂

    Casey J. Avatar
    Casey J.
    02/12/20 - Google

    Yummmmy wraps and vegetable skewers!!!!

  • Richard S. Avatar
    Richard S.
    5 star rating
    02/09/14 - TripAdvisor

    Fresh hot food, expertly served. A newcomer to this part of London always has an... read more

    Michael B. Avatar
    Michael B.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Great food

    Kevin J. Avatar
    Kevin J.
    06/10/20 - Google

    Friendly staff and good quality food at a reasonable price.... read more

  • travellernick121 Avatar
    5 star rating
    28/05/17 - TripAdvisor

    It's the best kebab! Visited here twice now since it's close to
    work. From the...
    read more

    Jonny H. Avatar
    Jonny H.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Fresh and tasty produce. Friendly staff and the food prep... read more

    RTA S. Avatar
    RTA S.
    12/08/20 - Google

    Food is absolutely brilliant, Great food and service, would highly... read more

  • Diana D. Avatar
    Diana D.
    5 star rating
    25/09/16 - TripAdvisor

    Excelent food This restaurant became one of mine and my husband favourite... read more

    Joanna B. Avatar
    Joanna B.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Amazing peri peri chicken love this place.

    derrick j. Avatar
    derrick j.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Great food 👍

  • Aaryan M. Avatar
    Aaryan M.
    23/07/19 - Google

    The owner shows hospitality and love to all his customers.... read more

    Florence Y. Avatar
    Florence Y.
    23/07/19 - Google

    We went on a Saturday evening and the restaurant was... read more

    meaux00 Avatar
    5 star rating
    20/08/19 - TripAdvisor

    Bangin’ We were in the area for six days and ended... read more

  • Sarah J. Avatar
    Sarah J.
    4 star rating
    07/06/17 - TripAdvisor

    Fresh and delicious!! Coming from Australia, our kebab shops are pretty bad. Edible... read more

    Gizem O. Avatar
    Gizem O.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Best Turkish food ever

    George G. Avatar
    George G.
    5 star rating
    17/01/17 - TripAdvisor

    Nice decor, good service and amazing kebabs. Don't be afraid of flavour, embrace the smoke from the... read more

  • Alex S. Avatar
    Alex S.
    09/07/20 - Google

    Great service and great food , deffo recommend this joint.... read more

    Ray H. Avatar
    Ray H.
    23/07/18 - Google

    good mezze starter. Good value.

    Rupert E. Avatar
    Rupert E.
    11/10/20 - Google

    Tasty falafel wrap, friendly service, comfortable place to sit-in

  • Sam D. Avatar
    Sam D.
    25/06/20 - Google

    Quick, and Delicious, especially the lamb. Been twice since opening,... read more

    Khalil a. Avatar
    Khalil a.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Great food and service!Simply quality..

    Michael B. Avatar
    Michael B.
    5 star rating
    28/10/17 - TripAdvisor

    We dine out at fancy places a lot, so some reviews initially put us off trying this place, but.... We have lived in Central London for decades and long... read more

  • StuartMatthew Avatar
    5 star rating
    20/06/19 - TripAdvisor

    Amazing tasty food! Ignore the reviews that don’t give 5 stars to this... read more

    Aron Avatar
    11/09/20 - Google

    Great food and very friendly and fast service. We had... read more

    Eve N. Avatar
    Eve N.
    4 star rating
    18/10/16 - TripAdvisor

    Nice cheap option! Ate here with 3 friends one Sunday evening... If you're... read more

  • Richard W. Avatar
    Richard W.
    23/07/16 - Google

    Superb, healthy grilled foods. Way above average quality kebabs.

    Elliotte O. Avatar
    Elliotte O.
    11/11/20 - Google

    Just finished eating here and the food is fantastic.😅I love... read more

    Dee l. Avatar
    Dee l.
    06/08/20 - Google

    I had combo shish and the baba gonaush. Food was... read more

  • ugne m. Avatar
    ugne m.
    04/12/20 - Google

    The best chicken sish!!! Freshly cooked food. Nice interior.... read more

    Sabir Z. Avatar
    Sabir Z.
    23/07/19 - Google


    Alfie S. Avatar
    Alfie S.
    10/08/20 - Google

    Sat in for Eat Out Help Out. Excellent service. Delicious... read more

  • Akram S. Avatar
    Akram S.
    01/09/20 - Google

    The dine in experience was amazing, great service, lovely food,... read more

    ConnorW666 Avatar
    5 star rating
    03/03/20 - TripAdvisor

    Great food, good service. Great food, good service. Come here often and have never... read more

    Rafi J. Avatar
    Rafi J.
    23/07/19 - Google

    One of the greatest restaurants I have been..

  • lutz a. Avatar
    lutz a.
    18/08/20 - Google

    very fast service, food was delicious, nice & clean atmosphere.

    Kamil K. Avatar
    Kamil K.
    19/07/20 - Google

    Cool guys. Great food

    lynnelin Avatar
    5 star rating
    13/01/17 - TripAdvisor

    Amazing food Always have excellent food from the meze to the main.... read more

  • Eglė N. Avatar
    Eglė N.
    5 star rating
    08/07/18 - TripAdvisor

    Best turkish food! ♡ Excellent healthy and tasty food with a great customer service... read more

    Saqab L. Avatar
    Saqab L.
    11/09/20 - Google

    The best Turkish restaurant in London.Food is absolutely amazing 👏Atmosphere... read more

    David F. Avatar
    David F.
    25/02/21 - Google

    What's not to like? The food is good food and... read more

  • Akram S. Avatar
    Akram S.
    31/08/20 - Google

    The dine in experience was amazing, great service, lovely food,... read more

    Janty2014 Avatar
    4 star rating
    08/12/15 - TripAdvisor

    The best takeaway in the area Fabulous food with good prices and an extensive menu. The... read more

    Ivan C. Avatar
    Ivan C.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Delicious food and good service!

  • Mihaela C. Avatar
    Mihaela C.
    10/10/20 - Facebook

    Family restaurant with nice and clean environment with friendly staff... read more

    Dario M. Avatar
    Dario M.
    10/08/20 - Google

    Definitely the best chicken donner kebab I've ever had here... read more

    emmanuel a. Avatar
    emmanuel a.
    21/08/20 - Google

    Exceptionally wonderful, food, so fresh and really well cooked, staff... read more

  • Waqar A. Avatar
    Waqar A.
    10/06/20 - Google

    Great taste and amazing and friendly service 👍

    Sonny M. Avatar
    Sonny M.
    27/10/20 - Google

    Chicken Yoghurtlu is fantastic. I think it's keto friendly too.... read more

    Sherif F. Avatar
    Sherif F.
    23/07/19 - Google

    What a great place! The best shish and kebab i... read more

  • Peter G. Avatar
    Peter G.
    23/09/19 - Google

    Shishtastique! Great value, lovely food and excellent service!

    Zeeshan A. Avatar
    Zeeshan A.
    20/03/20 - Facebook

    Family restaurant with nice and clean environment with friendly staff... read more

    Kamil S. Avatar
    Kamil S.
    20/06/20 - Facebook

    The best food, fresh and tasty 😋

55 Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Green, NW10 3ND