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  • HVD_12 Avatar
    5 star rating
    11/01/15 - TripAdvisor

    Excellent kebabs, service willing but not quite right Food was great and very reasonable. love the bring your... read more

    Віталій . Avatar
    Віталій .
    23/07/19 - Google

    Friendly and peacefully

    gillAndora Avatar
    5 star rating
    24/04/17 - TripAdvisor

    Authentic Turkish café style food We lived in Istanbul for 6 years and this was... read more

  • ConnorW666 Avatar
    5 star rating
    03/03/20 - TripAdvisor

    Great food, good service. Great food, good service. Come here often and have never... read more

    Paul S. Avatar
    Paul S.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Fantastic place. Great service and good food.

    Bill K. Avatar
    Bill K.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Good quality - great service. Chicken wings and chicken shish... read more

  • Luqman H. Avatar
    Luqman H.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Tried this place yesterday and I wish now I had... read more

    Zeeshan A. Avatar
    Zeeshan A.
    20/03/20 - Facebook

    Family restaurant with nice and clean environment with friendly staff... read more

    Lina . Avatar
    Lina .
    23/07/19 - Google

    Amazing food , very cozy atmosphere , recommend.

  • Rudy G. Avatar
    Rudy G.
    21/06/20 - Google

    I admire this place! They give marvelous meals, their menu... read more

    Alex S. Avatar
    Alex S.
    05/07/20 - Google

    Great service and great food , deffo recommend this joint.... read more

    Tony F. Avatar
    Tony F.
    5 star rating
    21/07/19 - TripAdvisor

    Best kebab in NW London Had an amazing Chicken Shish wrap from here. The chicken... read more

  • Sherif F. Avatar
    Sherif F.
    23/07/19 - Google

    What a great place! The best shish and kebab i... read more

    Sarah S. Avatar
    Sarah S.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Had food from here for the first time and it... read more

    Alfie_steiner Avatar
    5 star rating
    05/09/20 - TripAdvisor

    Safe bet for fresh, tasty & affordable Meze-style food Went during Eat Out To Help Out, and were kindly... read more

  • Michael B. Avatar
    Michael B.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Great food

    Rodolphe B. Avatar
    Rodolphe B.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Good simple and tasty food with fair prices - rare... read more

    Sam D. Avatar
    Sam D.
    25/06/20 - Google

    Quick, and Delicious, especially the lamb. Been twice since opening,... read more

  • Nayaa O. Avatar
    Nayaa O.
    04/08/20 - Google

    Great service and food, will definitely be back- the lamb... read more

    Mr. Z. Avatar
    Mr. Z.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Great service and tasty food to match

    marinela c. Avatar
    marinela c.
    23/07/17 - Google

    I love the Turkish food. Thanks very much ... read more

  • LaraLeonardi Avatar
    5 star rating
    11/01/16 - TripAdvisor

    Comida deliciosa! Por ser um restaurante próximo de nossa casa, costumamos ir... read more

    Samuel M. Avatar
    Samuel M.
    23/07/15 - Google

    I am a regular to this place and cannot understate... read more

    Julien L. Avatar
    Julien L.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Combo shish très bon. Restaurant et accueil agréable et chaleureux.

  • Natasha K. Avatar
    Natasha K.
    23/07/19 - Google

    The portions are big and the food is very good!... read more

    liljyburch93 Avatar
    5 star rating
    15/08/20 - TripAdvisor

    Quick and delicious Such a tasty mid-week dinner. We got lucky and found... read more

    Selina A. Avatar
    Selina A.
    31/08/20 - Google

    Food is amazing, great flavours food is very fresh, customer... read more

  • Phil S. Avatar
    Phil S.
    4 star rating
    20/12/15 - TripAdvisor

    "Shish, that's good shish!" Yep, I went there with the pun!
    So, I visited on...
    read more

    Kamil K. Avatar
    Kamil K.
    19/07/20 - Google

    Cool guys. Great food

    Sarah H. Avatar
    Sarah H.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Great food.

  • Nakita T. Avatar
    Nakita T.
    28/08/20 - Google

    Fantastic food come on down!!

    AbdullahPlayzFortnite Avatar
    23/07/19 - Google

    By far the best Turkish restaurant that provides good quality... read more

    misterchurst Avatar
    4 star rating
    14/02/15 - TripAdvisor

    Fast BBQ fooD in Kensal Rise. Good value food in a eastern mediterranean style cafe that... read more

  • emmanuel a. Avatar
    emmanuel a.
    21/08/20 - Google

    Exceptionally wonderful, food, so fresh and really well cooked, staff... read more

    Ronnie G. Avatar
    Ronnie G.
    02/07/20 - Google


    Andrew T. Avatar
    Andrew T.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Food is very tasty. New owners are very friendly and... read more

  • Alfie S. Avatar
    Alfie S.
    10/08/20 - Google

    Sat in for Eat Out Help Out. Excellent service. Delicious... read more

    Paola L. Avatar
    Paola L.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Went there after a few drinks with friends when there... read more

    Fatos B. Avatar
    Fatos B.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Wow! Absolutely amazing Turkish grilled shish, kofte and adana kebabs,... read more

  • Alex S. Avatar
    Alex S.
    09/07/20 - Google

    Great service and great food , deffo recommend this joint.... read more

    José L. Avatar
    José L.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Really nice Turkish Restaurant. Good price and by far the... read more

    saira h. Avatar
    saira h.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Love this place!!!!! It’s the only place we eat in... read more

  • Tony F. Avatar
    Tony F.
    5 star rating
    21/07/19 - TripAdvisor

    Best kebab in NW London Had an amazing Chicken Shish wrap from here. The chicken... read more

    Michael K. Avatar
    Michael K.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Great quality, great prices.

    Michael B. Avatar
    Michael B.
    5 star rating
    28/10/17 - TripAdvisor

    We dine out at fancy places a lot, so some reviews initially put us off trying this place, but.... We have lived in Central London for decades and long... read more

  • Athar M. Avatar
    Athar M.
    23/01/20 - Google

    Oustanding food and quality service!!!

    Akram S. Avatar
    Akram S.
    01/09/20 - Google

    The dine in experience was amazing, great service, lovely food,... read more

    Aaryan M. Avatar
    Aaryan M.
    23/07/19 - Google

    The owner shows hospitality and love to all his customers.... read more

  • Tony R. Avatar
    Tony R.
    23/07/18 - Google

    I have been visiting Shishlique since it reopened and Shish... read more

    Pusheen C. Avatar
    Pusheen C.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Best shish wraps I have eaten in England so far.... read more

    A G. Avatar
    A G.
    07/04/19 - Google

    We went on a Saturday evening and the restaurant was... read more

  • Rachel M. Avatar
    Rachel M.
    23/07/19 - Google

    One of the best kebabs I've had, fresh and really... read more

    Zeeshan A. Avatar
    Zeeshan A.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Very nice food better under new management nice environment friendly staff.

    Jason &. Avatar
    Jason &.
    23/07/19 - Google

    A new favorite! Literally the best lamb adana I've ever... read more

  • Sunstone P. Avatar
    Sunstone P.
    06/08/20 - Google

    Omg the food ( Combo shush and hummus) was amazing,... read more

    GAMER G. Avatar
    GAMER G.
    23/07/19 - Google

    fantastic food. Hot and fresh,I had the Adana kebab,very tasty... read more

    D Avatar
    23/07/17 - Google

    Best turkish in kensal rise!!

  • Danial A. Avatar
    Danial A.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Amazing food, quick service and was surprised how tasty the... read more

    Fiona S. Avatar
    Fiona S.
    03/08/20 - Google

    Absolutely delicious food. Been twice now, first time got the... read more

    Khalil a. Avatar
    Khalil a.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Great food and service!Simply quality..

  • Tristan B. Avatar
    Tristan B.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Amazing food. Go. Go now!

    Chris H. Avatar
    Chris H.
    23/10/19 - Google

    Great food, speedy service

    Josh H. Avatar
    Josh H.
    28/07/20 - Facebook

    Amazing food, always fresh & authentic
    One of the...
    read more

  • Cristian G. Avatar
    Cristian G.
    23/02/20 - Google

    Never been but I order through Deliveroo and I love... read more

    Salka M. Avatar
    Salka M.
    23/06/20 - Google

    This new Turkish place is a welcomed addition to the... read more

    Kajetan R. Avatar
    Kajetan R.
    26/09/20 - Google

    Very tasty and clean

  • Gillian B. Avatar
    Gillian B.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Amazing food! Come here all the time and LOVE IT!... read more

    ttttooommm Avatar
    5 star rating
    25/10/14 - TripAdvisor

    Top notch food in Kensal Rise A sister restaurant of the established and extremely popular Fez... read more

    Mizu786 Avatar
    5 star rating
    28/04/15 - TripAdvisor

    ***SiZZLING, SIZZLING HOTT, HOTT!!*** This is now one of the eight wonders of the... read more

  • Marina C. Avatar
    Marina C.
    5 star rating
    21/01/16 - TripAdvisor

    Great local cafe/restaurant Love this place. The food is fresh, delicious and authentic.... read more

    Diana D. Avatar
    Diana D.
    5 star rating
    25/09/16 - TripAdvisor

    Excelent food This restaurant became one of mine and my husband favourite... read more

    Fiona S. Avatar
    Fiona S.
    04/08/20 - Google

    Absolutely delicious food. Been twice now, first time got the... read more

  • Alex D. Avatar
    Alex D.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Fast response to clients ans good food. Not so much... read more

    Nayan V. Avatar
    Nayan V.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Atmosphere was great with nice mellow music. Decor was great.... read more

    MrDalvin Avatar
    4 star rating
    25/10/16 - TripAdvisor

    Kensal Rise best grub! This is my local restaurant, even though they can sometimes... read more

55 Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Green, NW10 3ND
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