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  • Sajeel L. Avatar
    Sajeel L.
    23/12/19 - Google

    Amazing food.. could taste the freshness of the food. The... read more

    Melanie G. Avatar
    Melanie G.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Delicious food every time!

    Андріана М. Avatar
    Андріана М.
    23/07/19 - Google

    We had a meal at this wonderful place on Saturday.... read more

  • Hais H. Avatar
    Hais H.
    12/03/21 - Google

    amazing food for great price xxx

    Juliet K. Avatar
    Juliet K.
    5 star rating
    18/01/17 - TripAdvisor

    Fresh, tasty, great value When you can't be bothered to cook, their chicken beyti... read more

    Ujala P. Avatar
    Ujala P.
    12/10/20 - Google

    Definitely a place to recommend. Food was amazing. Very tasty,... read more

  • luke l. Avatar
    luke l.
    23/08/20 - Google

    Honestly this is the best takeaway, the food is so... read more

    Eve N. Avatar
    Eve N.
    4 star rating
    18/10/16 - TripAdvisor

    Nice cheap option! Ate here with 3 friends one Sunday evening... If you're... read more

    Jocelyn L. Avatar
    Jocelyn L.
    5 star rating
    29/02/16 - TripAdvisor

    The best Turkish! Great value for money, fresh, and delicious! I am obsessed... read more

  • Nicole E. Avatar
    Nicole E.
    23/07/15 - Google

    Great Food, great service, great atmosphere!

    Sarah H. Avatar
    Sarah H.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Great food.

    Timbuktu 6. Avatar
    Timbuktu 6.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Mouthwatering! Highly recommend the yogurtlu lamm shish.Nice interior, comfy chairs, 👍

  • Rodolphe B. Avatar
    Rodolphe B.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Good simple and tasty food with fair prices - rare... read more

    Lorraine P. Avatar
    Lorraine P.
    5 star rating
    26/01/17 - TripAdvisor

    Best outside of Turkey BBQ heaven So many different dishes to choose from, coupled with great... read more

    emmanuel a. Avatar
    emmanuel a.
    21/08/20 - Google

    Exceptionally wonderful, food, so fresh and really well cooked, staff... read more

  • Donna h. Avatar
    Donna h.
    09/11/20 - Google

    food here is excellent, fresh and tasty, i have eaten... read more

    Munazza A. Avatar
    Munazza A.
    23/06/20 - Google

    I tried chicken shawarma yesterday with salad and a portion... read more

    Zeeshan A. Avatar
    Zeeshan A.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Very nice food better under new management nice environment friendly staff.

  • Casey J. Avatar
    Casey J.
    02/12/20 - Google

    Yummmmy wraps and vegetable skewers!!!!

    Joanna P. Avatar
    Joanna P.
    11/09/20 - Google

    Very flavourful lamb yogurtlu, friendly staff. Would recommend!

    andre m. Avatar
    andre m.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Lovely food, need to sort out the heating its a... read more

  • Toby H. Avatar
    Toby H.
    5 star rating
    25/11/15 - TripAdvisor

    Some serious Turkish Meze BBQ I have been here several time now and I rate... read more

    Lynne C. Avatar
    Lynne C.
    4 star rating
    30/06/15 - TripAdvisor

    Really great food On first sight a kebab shop, maybe a bit... read more

    Minesh R. Avatar
    Minesh R.
    23/03/20 - Google

    Really good quality meat, however it's bring your own booze

  • William N. Avatar
    William N.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Great food , great service

    Richard S. Avatar
    Richard S.
    5 star rating
    02/09/14 - TripAdvisor

    Fresh hot food, expertly served. A newcomer to this part of London always has an... read more

    Jill S. Avatar
    Jill S.
    09/07/20 - Google

    Delicious fresh food at this new Walworth restaurant... we tried... read more

  • Jade M. Avatar
    Jade M.
    26/01/21 - Google

    The food was so lovely that i called the resteraunt... read more

    streetpt Avatar
    5 star rating
    31/07/15 - TripAdvisor

    My favourite Turkish take away in London Fresh food grilled in front of you OMG I could... read more

    Saagar H. Avatar
    Saagar H.
    25/07/20 - Google

    Great food! By far the best kebabs on Walworth road.... read more

  • ugne m. Avatar
    ugne m.
    04/12/20 - Google

    The best chicken sish!!! Freshly cooked food. Nice interior.... read more

    Sari G. Avatar
    Sari G.
    23/12/19 - Google

    Absolutely amazing food. So fresh, and one of the best... read more

    Arpy-P Avatar
    4 star rating
    15/08/15 - TripAdvisor

    Great local place Love the food here, just wish this place had the... read more

  • Dario M. Avatar
    Dario M.
    10/08/20 - Google

    Definitely the best chicken donner kebab I've ever had here... read more

    Stephen K. Avatar
    Stephen K.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Good service,good food,will go there again

    Luqman H. Avatar
    Luqman H.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Tried this place yesterday and I wish now I had... read more

  • Shervin K. Avatar
    Shervin K.
    23/10/19 - Google

    Very tasty doner kebab and shish kebabs which I would... read more

    Trevor H. Avatar
    Trevor H.
    23/09/19 - Google

    Great food, had a kofta kebab, great.....

    Dean J. Avatar
    Dean J.
    02/07/20 - Google

    My mate works in the bank and recommended you to... read more

  • Nayaa O. Avatar
    Nayaa O.
    04/08/20 - Google

    Great service and food, will definitely be back- the lamb... read more

    India S. Avatar
    India S.
    02/12/20 - Google

    Falafel wrap is incredible!! Would recommend.

    meaux00 Avatar
    5 star rating
    20/08/19 - TripAdvisor

    Bangin’ We were in the area for six days and ended... read more

  • Paulette W. Avatar
    Paulette W.
    27/10/20 - Google

    Stayed in a Hilton in Waterloo this was not my... read more

    Akram S. Avatar
    Akram S.
    31/08/20 - Google

    The dine in experience was amazing, great service, lovely food,... read more

    Bulb E. Avatar
    Bulb E.
    08/10/20 - Google

    Excellent and delicious Food, great service.

  • R.a K. Avatar
    R.a K.
    15/08/20 - Google

    We arrived here about 15 minute's before they closed on... read more

    LaraLeonardi Avatar
    5 star rating
    11/01/16 - TripAdvisor

    Comida deliciosa! Por ser um restaurante próximo de nossa casa, costumamos ir... read more

    Paul S. Avatar
    Paul S.
    10/07/20 - Google

    Not being familiar with this new establishment, it was the... read more

  • Sabir Z. Avatar
    Sabir Z.
    23/07/19 - Google


    Jonathan G. Avatar
    Jonathan G.
    25/08/20 - Google

    Top mediterranean food.It reminds me home. I recommend it.

    Rudy G. Avatar
    Rudy G.
    21/06/20 - Google

    I admire this place! They give marvelous meals, their menu... read more

  • Waqar A. Avatar
    Waqar A.
    10/06/20 - Google

    Great taste and amazing and friendly service 👍

    HVD_12 Avatar
    5 star rating
    11/01/15 - TripAdvisor

    Excellent kebabs, service willing but not quite right Food was great and very reasonable. love the bring your... read more

    Lerato M. Avatar
    Lerato M.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Amazing food, freshly made while we wait! Thank you x

  • debra c. Avatar
    debra c.
    5 star rating
    10/11/14 - TripAdvisor

    Best kebabs around I have eaten here twice now 1 takeaway and 1... read more

    Michael B. Avatar
    Michael B.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Great food

    Michael j. Avatar
    Michael j.
    23/08/20 - Google

    Great food here all fresh ingredients. Chicken and Lamb Doner... read more

  • Nirgis Z. Avatar
    Nirgis Z.
    14/11/20 - Google

    Delicious food, glad these guys are open. Service is always... read more

    Russtafa Avatar
    23/07/18 - Google

    Same owners they have just done it up to make... read more

    Sam D. Avatar
    Sam D.
    25/06/20 - Google

    Quick, and Delicious, especially the lamb. Been twice since opening,... read more

  • Awal M. Avatar
    Awal M.
    25/06/20 - Google

    A new restaurant on walworth road. I can honestly say... read more

    Ray H. Avatar
    Ray H.
    23/07/18 - Google

    good mezze starter. Good value.

    Danial A. Avatar
    Danial A.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Amazing food, quick service and was surprised how tasty the... read more

  • Adam N. Avatar
    Adam N.
    05/08/20 - Google

    Nice food especially the Shawarma and Iskander. The seating area... read more

    Lisa S. Avatar
    Lisa S.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Our first time visiting this lovely restaurant and it won’t... read more

    Andrew T. Avatar
    Andrew T.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Food is very tasty. New owners are very friendly and... read more

  • Pusheen C. Avatar
    Pusheen C.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Best shish wraps I have eaten in England so far.... read more

    Jack H. Avatar
    Jack H.
    09/04/21 - Google

    Uber eats messed up delivery of this order however the... read more

    Dia Avatar
    23/01/20 - Google

    Food is marvellous and freshly cooked always love bringing my... read more

  • Natalie D. Avatar
    Natalie D.
    04/05/21 - Google

    Like other reviewers have said, this is definitely one of... read more

    Marcus M. Avatar
    Marcus M.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Excellent food and service.

    Jason &. Avatar
    Jason &.
    11/12/20 - Google

    We wrote the below review when we first moved to... read more

  • saira h. Avatar
    saira h.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Love this place!!!!! It’s the only place we eat in... read more

    Paola L. Avatar
    Paola L.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Went there after a few drinks with friends when there... read more

    Fiona S. Avatar
    Fiona S.
    03/08/20 - Google

    Absolutely delicious food. Been twice now, first time got the... read more

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