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  • misterchurst Avatar
    4 star rating
    14/02/15 - TripAdvisor

    Fast BBQ fooD in Kensal Rise. Good value food in a eastern mediterranean style cafe that... read more

    Edvin G. Avatar
    Edvin G.
    11/03/21 - Google

    ISKENDER (LAMB DONER) - wOw!! 🙌😋Same for meze mixed salad... read more

    Daniel A. Avatar
    Daniel A.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Great food and a great atmosphere. Will definitely make it... read more

  • Paulette W. Avatar
    Paulette W.
    25/10/20 - Google

    Staying in a hotel in Waterloo this was not my... read more

    Shahzeb K. Avatar
    Shahzeb K.
    09/09/20 - Google

    FINALLY a decent place for my weekly lunch on a... read more

    A G. Avatar
    A G.
    07/04/19 - Google

    We went on a Saturday evening and the restaurant was... read more

  • KensalKate Avatar
    5 star rating
    04/03/19 - TripAdvisor

    Great place for a party 20 of us had a fantastic evening here for my... read more

    derrick j. Avatar
    derrick j.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Great food 👍

    Ciaran D. Avatar
    Ciaran D.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Absolutely crackin kebab friendly service truly good BYOB and the... read more

  • Sam S. Avatar
    Sam S.
    23/07/18 - Google

    Nice and relaxing place, super fresh and delicious food!!! I... read more

    Aj T. Avatar
    Aj T.
    22/11/20 - Google

    Very Good Food ordered the wrap and very good

    Angela J. Avatar
    Angela J.
    23/06/21 - Google

    I'm a regular visitor and always get good customer... read more

  • George G. Avatar
    George G.
    5 star rating
    17/01/17 - TripAdvisor

    Nice decor, good service and amazing kebabs. Don't be afraid of flavour, embrace the smoke from the... read more

    Florence Y. Avatar
    Florence Y.
    07/04/19 - Google

    We went on a Saturday evening and the restaurant was... read more

    Elliotte O. Avatar
    Elliotte O.
    11/11/20 - Google

    Just finished eating here and the food is fantastic.😅I love... read more

  • Nicole E. Avatar
    Nicole E.
    23/07/15 - Google

    Great Food, great service, great atmosphere!

    Peter G. Avatar
    Peter G.
    23/09/19 - Google

    Shishtastique! Great value, lovely food and excellent service!

    Sunstone P. Avatar
    Sunstone P.
    06/08/20 - Google

    Omg the food ( Combo shush and hummus) was amazing,... read more

  • Paulette W. Avatar
    Paulette W.
    25/10/20 - Google

    Stayed in a Hilton in Waterloo this was not my... read more

    rudep Avatar
    23/07/19 - Google

    Very nice food, it's great that they have changed it... read more

    Jonathan G. Avatar
    Jonathan G.
    25/08/20 - Google

    Top mediterranean food.It reminds me home. I recommend it.

  • Elliotte O. Avatar
    Elliotte O.
    07/10/20 - Google

    Just finished eating here and the Apple is the fantastic.😅
    read more

    ugne m. Avatar
    ugne m.
    05/12/20 - Google

    The best chicken sish!!! Freshly cooked food. Nice interior.... read more

    RTA S. Avatar
    RTA S.
    12/08/20 - Google

    Food is absolutely brilliant, Great food and service, would highly... read more

  • lynnelin Avatar
    5 star rating
    25/06/17 - TripAdvisor

    Amazing people I cannot believe the review before me. These... read more

    Tatiana B. Avatar
    Tatiana B.
    02/09/20 - Google

    Delicious food and very friendly people!

    Radia_33 Avatar
    5 star rating
    02/05/17 - TripAdvisor

    Miss Okey !!! the food is amazing and fresh 🙂 the... read more

  • Richard S. Avatar
    Richard S.
    5 star rating
    02/09/14 - TripAdvisor

    Fresh hot food, expertly served. A newcomer to this part of London always has an... read more

    Natalie D. Avatar
    Natalie D.
    04/05/21 - Google

    Like other reviewers have said, this is definitely one of... read more

    Dapper C. Avatar
    Dapper C.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Totally scrumptious 👅❤

  • Saagar H. Avatar
    Saagar H.
    25/07/20 - Google

    Great food! By far the best kebabs on Walworth road.... read more

    Brian M. Avatar
    Brian M.
    04/04/21 - Google

    The food is amazing!!!

    Flopo26 Avatar
    5 star rating
    06/04/19 - TripAdvisor

    Small Turkish restaurant with delicious kebabs We went on a Saturday evening and the restaurant was... read more

  • Lina Š. Avatar
    Lina Š.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Amazing food , very cozy atmosphere , recommend.

    Moshibee Avatar
    5 star rating
    08/02/15 - TripAdvisor

    Delicious This place is so good and great value! BYOB if... read more

    Rupert E. Avatar
    Rupert E.
    10/10/20 - Google

    Tasty falafel wrap, friendly service, comfortable place to sit-in

  • Rafi J. Avatar
    Rafi J.
    23/07/19 - Google

    One of the greatest restaurants I have been..

    780j2g Avatar
    5 star rating
    08/12/15 - TripAdvisor

    Fab local This is a great place for meal, either lunch, dinner... read more

    Paul S. Avatar
    Paul S.
    16/07/20 - Google

    Not being familiar with this new establishment, it was the... read more

  • Brendan O. Avatar
    Brendan O.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Love the food here and the staff are always so friendly.

    Zed R. Avatar
    Zed R.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Absolutely amazing food. We got there 15 minutes before they... read more

    Cristian G. Avatar
    Cristian G.
    23/02/20 - Google

    Never been but I order through Deliveroo and I love... read more

  • Jamál Avatar
    11/09/20 - Google

    Amazing food, tried the kofte and sea bream both really... read more

    marinela c. Avatar
    marinela c.
    23/07/17 - Google

    I love the Turkish food. Thanks very much ... read more

    Juan A. Avatar
    Juan A.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Had a falafel and halloumi wrap. I can honestly say... read more

  • Melanie G. Avatar
    Melanie G.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Delicious food every time!

    Raphael G. Avatar
    Raphael G.
    24/12/20 - Google

    We arrived at this spot for dinner. This restaurant was... read more

    luke l. Avatar
    luke l.
    23/08/20 - Google

    Honestly this is the best takeaway, the food is so... read more

  • Luke B. Avatar
    Luke B.
    23/06/20 - Google

    Great food and great team!!!

    Izabella S. Avatar
    Izabella S.
    23/07/19 - Google

    We had an amazing lunch today at the Shishlique. The... read more

    Stephen K. Avatar
    Stephen K.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Good service,good food,will go there again

  • Kevin J. Avatar
    Kevin J.
    07/10/20 - Google

    Friendly staff and good quality food at a reasonable price.... read more

    Florence Y. Avatar
    Florence Y.
    23/07/19 - Google

    We went on a Saturday evening and the restaurant was... read more

    Russ B. Avatar
    Russ B.
    23/07/15 - Google

    Amazing kebabs...

  • Jonathan G. Avatar
    Jonathan G.
    24/08/20 - Google

    Top mediterranean food.
    It reminds me home.
    I recommend it.

    Saqab L. Avatar
    Saqab L.
    11/09/20 - Google

    The best Turkish restaurant in London.Food is absolutely amazing 👏Atmosphere... read more

    Ali S. Avatar
    Ali S.
    09/07/20 - Google

    Fantastic food, brilliant service. The guys are new to this... read more

  • Віталій П. Avatar
    Віталій П.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Friendly and peacefully

    Jocelyn L. Avatar
    Jocelyn L.
    5 star rating
    29/02/16 - TripAdvisor

    The best Turkish! Great value for money, fresh, and delicious! I am obsessed... read more

    Richard W. Avatar
    Richard W.
    23/07/16 - Google

    Superb, healthy grilled foods. Way above average quality kebabs.

  • Michael K. Avatar
    Michael K.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Great quality, great prices.

    Paul S. Avatar
    Paul S.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Fantastic place. Great service and good food.

    Sharrn *. Avatar
    Sharrn *.
    11/04/20 - Google

    Meat was good but a little dry, the bread was... read more

  • Aron Avatar
    11/09/20 - Google

    Great food and very friendly and fast service. We had... read more

    ttttooommm Avatar
    5 star rating
    25/10/14 - TripAdvisor

    Top notch food in Kensal Rise A sister restaurant of the established and extremely popular Fez... read more

    Aytac M. Avatar
    Aytac M.
    22/09/20 - Google

    Very friendly and polite service. Food was delicious.

  • ALTHEA H. Avatar
    23/07/17 - Google

    Very friendly staff with excellent customer service. Food is absolutely... read more

    liljyburch93 Avatar
    5 star rating
    15/08/20 - TripAdvisor

    Quick and delicious Such a tasty mid-week dinner. We got lucky and found... read more

    Lisa S. Avatar
    Lisa S.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Our first time visiting this lovely restaurant and it won’t... read more

  • Salka M. Avatar
    Salka M.
    23/06/20 - Google

    This new Turkish place is a welcomed addition to the... read more

    Akram S. Avatar
    Akram S.
    31/08/20 - Google

    The dine in experience was amazing, great service, lovely food,... read more

    Anitii C. Avatar
    Anitii C.
    23/01/20 - Google

    They have in to the menu beer but they do... read more

  • Marcus M. Avatar
    Marcus M.
    23/07/17 - Google

    Excellent food and service.

    Sherif F. Avatar
    Sherif F.
    23/07/19 - Google

    What a great place! The best shish and kebab i... read more

    William N. Avatar
    William N.
    23/07/19 - Google

    Great food , great service

55 Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Green, NW10 3ND